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 Fly Discipline Shooter of the Year (SOTY) Winners


Year 500 Metre Heavy Gun SOTY 500 Metre Light Gun SOTY 200 Yard Rimfire SOTY
2019 Grant Groves Ken Perrin Vince Vaina
2018 David Groves Michael Bell Michael Bell
2017 Peter Merriman Michael Bell  
2016 Paul Deehan Michael Bell  
2015 Nick Aagren Tyson Trotter  
2014 Tyson Trotter Tyson Trotter  
2013 Michael Bell Anthony Hall  
2012 Les Fraser Michael Bell  
2011 Les Fraser Les Fraser  
2010 Peter Van Meurs Les Fraser  
2009 Shane Clancy Peter Van Meurs  
2008 Ian Davis Jaegen Peet  
2007 Dave Purcell Peter Van Meurs  
2006 Jeff Rogers Ian Davis  
2005 Anthony Bending Murray Hicks  
2004 Murray Hicks Steve Nash  
2003 Stuart Elliott Annie Elliott  
2002 Anthony Bending Annie Elliott  
2001 David Waters Annie Elliott  




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